Call for proposals

**Call for proposals is now closed**

Trajetvi will hold a pan-Canadian conference on domestic violence and violence against women, and is inviting researchers, service providers, students, stakeholders, activists and decision makers from across Canada and from around the world to submit presentation proposals. Submitted proposals should pertain to one of the two components of Trajetvi’s partnership:

  • Research component : Research on trajectories of violence, help-seeking and service use of women who are survivors of domestic violence and violence against women in vulnerable contexts.
  • Action component : Development and assessment of collaborative actions and practices that take into account violence trajectories and contexts of vulnerability.

Proposals addressing one or more contexts of vulnerability will be given priority. These may include presentations on immigrant women, racialized women, native women, women in perinatal and postnatal stages, women living through separation or post-separation abuse, women in precarious situations (social and financial precarity), women with disabilities, adolescents, etc. Proposals that highlight participatory and collaborative research or action will also be given priority. In regard to symposium and training workshop submissions, they are expected to be joint presentations bringing together researchers, stakeholders or service providers and lived experience experts.           

two axes for proposals

Presentation proposals must fall under one of the two following axes :

  • Research results : for submissions that introduce research results, please outline the study’s context and objectives, methodology, key results, recommended avenues for future research and action, and the main conclusion.
  • Collaborative and Innovative Actions and Practices: for submissions that address collaborative and innovative actions and practices, please outline the study’s context and objectives, target group, actions and practices developed, implementation process (if applicable), observed impact, recommended avenues for future research and action, and state conclusion.

Symposium and training workshop proposals can cover both axes. However, submissions for oral and poster presentations must specify only one of these axes when completing the online submission form.

three presentation formats


  • Oral presentation (20 minutes followed by a 10-minute question period)
  • Poster presentation (exhibit area)

Presentation refers to a scientific presentation reporting research results or introducing collaborative and innovative actions and practices. Two formats are suggested : 1) an oral presentation that is a part of a session consisting of several oral presentations and presided over by a moderator; or 2) a poster presentation in the exhibit hall featuring contributions of various authors. The poster presentation contributors must be on site at specific times to answer questions.


  • 90 minutes including a 20-minute discussion period

Symposium refers to a group of oral presentations addressing the same theme and reporting research results or introducing collaborative and innovative actions and practices. The symposium’s duration is one hour and a half, including a discussion period. It must include a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 oral presentations. The person in charge of the symposium must submit a title and an abstract that covers all the oral presentations. A moderator must be designated by the person in charge of the symposium.

Training workshop

  • 90 minutes

Training workshop offers training activities based on research results or collaborative and innovative actions and practices. For instance, it could refer to experiments and clinical observations, innovative tools, practices and services for a target clientele, results of an assessment, etc. Training workshops must state specific learning objectives and rely on interactive teaching methods. The training workshop’s duration is one hour and a half, including a discussion period. The workshop submissions must contain the name of the workshop facilitator.

Proposal Submissions

  • Title (200 characters maximum, spaces included)
  • Abstract (French or English, 2000 characters maximum, spaces included)
  • The conference’s scientific committee is aware that your presentation could at this moment be in its preliminary stages. However, for evaluation purposes, please provide sufficient information.
  • Only abstracts submitted in French or in English will be evaluated. Presentations can also be delivered in either French or English. Simultaneous translation to French and to English will be provided.
  • Axis :
  1. Research results ;
  2. Collaborative and innovative actions and practices; or
  3. Both.
  • Details for symposium proposals: Specify the common theme of the symposium, its relevance, the number of oral presentations in the symposium, their authors, as well as a brief description of all oral presentations and their methodology (if applicable).
  • Details for training workshop proposals: Specify the topic of the training workshop, the educational activities planned, the learning objectives and ways to encourage audience participation.

For questions, contact Trajetvi Partnership for Research and Action at