When a man kills a woman, what is he thinking ?

« When Men Kill: Three Types – Intimate Partner Murder, Sexual Murder, and Murder of Older Women » by Rebecca and Russell Dobash, Professor Emeritus at the University of Manchester, UK. They are the authors of 11 books and a large number of articles on violence, gender and homicide.

The conference was very informative! The speakers presented several statistics related to the characteristics of murderers, whether it is about their childhood, their life trajectory or their vision of women. They explained the most convincing causes and contexts leading to feminicide, infanticide, sexual murders and murders of older women. They pointed to a collective responsibility rather than targeting individual diagnoses of murderers. They conclude, « When femicide occurs…society likes to blame women; we blame the murdered woman and we blame the murderer’s mother. Programs offered to men have the need to show them that men must respect women’s choice to walk away from them…primarily upon separation. « 

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Life courses violence, help seeking and service use

Did you know that …
One of the most dangerous places for women is their own home.

On the menu: A better understanding of feminicide, domestic violence services, help-seeking trajectories, intervention practices and more.

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Safety and well-being issues for female victims of violence and their children

« I finally left him and what seemed like the end turned out to be just the beginning of a long and rocky road! »

On the menu: Court system, parental alienation, domestic violence post-separation and more.

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Contexts of vulnerability and oppression among marginalized women’s groups

True or False ?
Many women are unaware that they are experiencing domestic violence.

TRUE. Many will believe that if there is no physical violence, there is no violence. However, domestic violence takes many forms.

On the menu: Issues of homelessness, mental health and substance abuse, reception of immigrant women in shelters and more.

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